Reliable and Affordable

B-Green Lawn Care has been in business for over 20 years. Locally owned and operated, our staff is highly experienced in lawn care.

Since pricing is based on actual square footage of the lawn being serviced, you will receive a firm quote after our free analysis of your property.


Customized Programs

We know what it takes to achieve the look and feel you want for your lawn. A good nutritional program is essential for a healthy lawn. This is why we use quality products specially formulated for central Kentucky. Our turf specialist will perform an analysis to measure turf density, thatch, color and weed condition, and the overall potential of your lawn. Based on the condition of your lawn we will recommend a program that fits your needs.

Six-Step Program

1.EARLY SPRING Treatment: Contains a granular form of Pre-Emergent Herbicide. A one-step treatment application for the control of Crabgrass, Goose grass, Dallisgrass and other unwanted grasses and weeds before they appear. (February-April)

2. SPRING Treatment: Contains a Liquid Herbicide. This application is to control a broad range of Annual broadleaf weeds such as Dandelions, Chick Weed, Henbit and Clover.(April-Mid June)

3. EARLY SUMMER Treatment: Summer Fertilizer with iron to help sustain a green lawn during the summer months. If preferred, an insect treatment can be applied to help control insect problems in your lawn. (May-June)

4. SUMMER Treatment: Contains a moderate rate of Pelletized Lime for a healthier lawn. This also helps sustain the PH levels in the soil. (July-August)

5. FALL Treatment: Contains a Liquid Herbicide. This application is to control a broad range of annual broadleaf weeds such as dandelions, chick weed, henbit and clover. This is very important to help minimize weeds in the early spring. (September-November)

6. WINTERIZATION Treatment: Contains a heavy rate of granular fertilizer for healthy root growth. (November-January)

Additional Turf Care

WILD VIOLET TREATMENTS: This is a series of fertility and specialty herbicide applications to control wild violets. (Spring-Fall)

MOLE TREATMENTS: Baiting treatment to control moles throughout lawn (All Seasons)

AERATION: Promotes healthy root growth by allowing water and fertilizer to penetrate thatch layer.

SEEDING: Installation of new lawns (anytime) as well as over seeding existing lawns (Mid August-Mid October)

GRUB and INSECT CONTROL: Insect treatments applied to lawn to control Grubs and other unwanted insects.

TERMITE and PEST CONTROL: Commercial and residential contact us for free estimates.